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Our food is made fresh and from scratch by our professionally and classically trained chefs. Easily schedule & rate these delicious meals by downloading our Best Fed Greek Mobile App.

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Picture of sesame chicken made by Best Fed Greeks Chefs

The Best Fed Origins

Seven years ago, Owner and Operator, Ryan Shaughnessy, conceived the Best Fed idea when he took over as the chef at a Greek house in Lawrence, Kansas. Having spent nearly 15 years in every aspect of the restaurant industry, and with new additions to his family, this idea was the exact solution he needed to balance his passion for food and his family life. Best Fed Greeks was born three years later out of a desire to share the food and quality of life with his foodie family.

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The BFG Formula

Treat others the way you want to be treated!

This applies to all aspects of our operation. When Ryan started this company, he wanted to create an environment that he would be proud to work in and that others would take pride in themselves. Company benefits were rolled out as fast as possible in order to attract the absolute best chefs in the industry. This mindset of valuing our Best Fed Family is still going strong, as we are always adding new benefits to our chapters’ and chefs’ lives.

Feed others the way you want to be fed!

Food is important to Ryan, very important. It’s important to all of us. The reason that we started offering such competitive incentives, so early on, is because we want to provide the absolute best food and service to our members. We cook from scratch and use the best ingredients possible. We also spent time creating an instant feedback loop with our Chapter members so that we can build menus to meet their desires. With our mobile application, you can communicate directly with the chef to make meal requests, rate meals, request late plates, set up dietary restrictions (yep, we cover those), view menus, and much more.

“By building these systems, we are able to ensure that every chapter and chef are as happy as I was when I first fell in love with this career. I can’t wait to share what we have built with you! We look forward to welcoming you to the BEST FED FAMILY!”

~Ryan Shaughnessy

Picture of pork nachos made by Best Fed Greeks Chefs

The Best Fed Experience

Best Fed Greek’s chefs are professionally trained and Servsafe Certified. They will work with each house individually to create customized menus to your tastes. Our food is always made from scratch and there is a good chance it was grown locally.

Our food budgets will always be spent, maximizing the quality and quantity of food our chapters receive. We already know we will provide you with the best food on campus. Now our goal is to provide the most personalized experience for all our members.

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Five Star Service Rating
  • Chef Jordan is one of a kind! You can't find a better cook out there, but he's also just an awesome guy and is someone you want to get to know better. Everyday Best Fed Greek brings good food and a smile to my fraternity. 5 Star

    Connor Christians

  • Chef Ryan served amazing meals during my time in a fraternity. Him and his assistants were always in a great mood and were always friendly. Highly recommend.

    Chad Johnson

  • I ate this food for four years and of course I didn't absolutely love EVERY meal, but the quality consistency our chefs put out through all that time was phenomenal. The staff was always absolutely a breeze to work with, always being positive, flexible, and on their toes. After working with the company I realized the quality went on throughout more than the kitchen. Ryan and the rest of the crew treat each other just as well as their clients, which many other companies can't say, and it shows. Competitive pricing while catering to our exact (and picky) needs was just icing on the cake.

    Jackson McCone

  • Would definitely recommend these guys!  Always willing to go the extra mile to make quality food. Very polite and easy to work with as well.

    Trevor Clark

  • Chef Mark & his staff are so great! They make great meals and are so helpful. They’re always willing to attend to everyone and their specific needs.

    Delta Delta Delta

  • Chef Mark is the best!! Great food and always comes out and asks how everything is. I can tell he loves what he does!! <3

    Delta Delta Delta

  • Chef Jordan is absolutely phenomenal. Each and every day he brings a new dish and each and every time he knocks it out of the park. I haven’t had a bad meal since we’ve used this service.

    Delta Tau Delta

  • I've had Best Fed Greeks for 3 years and Jordan is the best! His food is amazing and my guys love it. Our dining room was always packed and he knew what to prepare to keep them happy.  He also has a food truck that we have hired for events and has always been accommodating even when I have to do things last minute.

    Bambi Shanks

  • Chef Ryan, always made an awesome meal, and could do it from almost any ingredients. He was always quick, funny, and made it more than a meal.  I would recommend him to cook for anyone.

    Hugh Woodworth

  • Can't always please everyone, but Chef Ryan and co always kept if fresh with great new meals constantly added to the rotation. Very engaging and receptive of feedback on the meals served, going so far as to set up a small committee that collected and aggregated opinions of the whole house. Can't ask for much more than that!

    Tim Svoboda

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